What problems does chiropractic address?

Chiropractic treatment is sought for nerve, joint and muscular problems. The most common of these being: headaches, migraine, back pain, neck pain, sciatica, joint pain, spinal disc conditions, whiplash, arm and leg pain.


Massage Therapy available at Victoria Point Chiropractic

Massage can be applicable for athletes, office workers, students, labourers and all age groups from infants to the elderly. Massage specialises in addressing soft tissue problems caused by injury, poor posture and the effects of stressful lifestyles or events.


Our purpose through Chiropractic and Massage Therapy is to assist each patient to attain and maintain their optimum level of health. 

Whether patients require fast pain relief or preventative and maintenance care, we consider it important to provide professional, comprehensive advice and treatment in a friendly, caring and cooperative environment.

We specialise in identifying, treating and assisting the understanding of the cause of problems such as back and neck pain, muscle tension, headaches and sports injuries.

We aim to educate our patients about the importance of maintaining the health of their physical frame and of the significance of the nervous system in the maintenance of health and prevention of disease.

Victoria Point Chiropractic has qualified massage therapists onsite. To ensure the best outcome for mutual clients, they collaborate with other health practitioners and chiropractors at all South East Chiropractic practices.

Our chiropractors and massage therapists are qualified in the use of a variety of techniques, enabling them to treat a broad spectrum of society, including: infants, pregnant women the elderly and frail.