Chiropractic mobilisation/adjustments aim to alleviate the joint dysfunction and subsequent nerve irritation that causes muscles to spasm or weaken. However, in some cases the muscles supporting a dysfunctional joint become so tight that it is difficult to make an adjustment and your chiropractor may recommend massage in conjunction with your chiropractic care. Combining these treatments creates a plan to reduce pain, improve mobility and the ability to stretch and exercise.
It may also be recommended for patients experiencing tightness as a result of stress in their daily lives.

Should massage come before or after an adjustment?

This becomes a matter of professional judgment between your chiropractor and massage therapist. There are times where it is appropriate to have soft tissue therapy (massage) before a chiropractic adjustment. In other cases, it may be appropriate to have massage after or between chiropractic visits. Discuss your needs with both your chiropractor and your massage therapist so they can plan an approach that will best maximise your therapeutic outcomes.

Massage benefits and private health funds

Depending on your cover and the fund, you may be eligible to claim benefits for massage therapy through our HICAPS facility at the time of service. Funds will only pay benefits for treatments that incorporate remedial massage therapy, provided by massage therapists with relevant qualifications and an approved provider number. Our therapists are qualified remedial massage therapists with provider numbers that ensure eligible patients can claim applicable benefits from their private health funds.