Holiday travel hints

2nd November 2017

Holiday travel hints (By Gareth Hood: Chiropractor at Victoria Point Chiropractic)

The festive season is an excellent opportunity for relaxation, being with family, friends and is a time many people plan holidays that include travel. Having time off work can help lower stress levels and assist recovery after a busy year. However, even holidays can have some obstacles.

It is not uncommon for me to rebuild of patient on their return from travel. There can be many causes for this, but two main reasons stand out: sleeping arrangements and transportation.

Now it may be hard to take your whole bed with you on a trip, but, luckily your pillow is a bit more transportable. Having a good supportive pillow will help to maintain an aligned spine and prevent nasty aches and pains while you are trying to relax.

Travelling is a common reason for people reporting both neck and back pain. The extended periods of sitting overload joints and fatigue muscles. The best course of action is to have an elongated, tall posture. If driving, regular walking breaks are a must to help loosen up joints and maintain a healthy spine. Exercises and specific stretches will assist this even further.

Ask your practitioner for some helpful exercises and other hints to help keep you comfortable and pain free during and after travel.

Bon Voyage





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