Massage specialises in addressing soft tissue problems, therefore, can be used to prevent injury and is effective for a range of existing injuries and other conditions.

Addressing soft tissue problems is important. Joints move, while ligament and fascia (soft tissue) support them and muscles provide the motion. On a regular basis, (combined with an active lifestyle) massage can help to release chronic tight muscle and fascia.

Be aware that a muscle can also be ‘tight' with no symptoms as our body will adapt to accommodate the tight tissue. Massage Therapists often detect tight tissue without symptoms being apparent to the patient.

Preventative massage is utilised by many athletes to detect and monitor muscle function. However, this benefit should not be restricted to athletes, but, be considered by all, as it reduces the possibility of future injury.

Massage can be applicable for athletes, office workers, students, labourers and people of all ages and health status, from infants to the elderly.

There are many types of massage with some being highly effective at assisting to address the effects of stressful lifestyles or events.