Cleveland Chiropractic offers the services of chiropractors.

On contacting Cleveland Chiropractic or visiting our clinic, you will be greeted by a receptionist from our administrative team.

Receptionists perform a myriad of tasks that enable the practice to run smoothly and efficiently. Their two main objectives are that your needs as a patient are met in an environment that is comfortable for you and that practitioners are able to focus entirely on your needs whilst you are with them.

Our receptionists monitor all chiropractic appointments, ensure your questions are appropriately and adequately answered and generally attempt to make you feel comfortable and welcome on your visits with us.

Meet our chiropractors and receptionists below.


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Rhys Dale

BHSc (Chiropractic) MClinChiro RMIT BAppSc (Biomedical) Deakin

Rhys Dale graduated as a chiropractor from The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT) in 2014 and relocated to practice at Cleveland Chiropractic in the Redlands region of South East Queensland. Rhys is an Owner and Director of Cleveland Chiropractic.

Rhys decided to become a chiropractor after completing a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at The Deakin University, Melbourne. He had sustained injuries while training in the martial arts and consulted a local chiropractor for treatment. The injuries were well managed and Rhys became inspired to study chiropractic.

Rhys joined the chiropractic team at Cleveland Chiropractic in January 2015. He is a member of the Chiropractors' Association of Australia (CAA).

Rhys is eager to help patients achieve and maintain optimum function and good mobility. His focus is on functional neurology, balance, fall prevention and rehabilitation.

Treatment plans designed by Rhys reflect individual patient needs. He utilises other health care modalities to achieve results.

Rhys’ interests include – martial arts, exercise science, cross fit and neurology.

Jasmine de Wind

BSc (Chiropractic) BChiro Murdoch

Jasmine de Wind graduated as a chiropractor from Murdoch University in 2013. She practised in Perth before relocating to Brisbane and joining Cleveland Chiropractic in November 2016. She is a member of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia.

Jasmine is passionate about delivering patient centred treatment and advice to help individuals from any age group optimise the function of their body. She can assist a broad spectrum of patients and conditions as she utilises a variety of treatment methods from the very gentlest approaches through to firmer manual techniques.

Jasmine has a special interest in the close relationship between the jaw, neck and head as well as non-spinal complaints including those associated with knees, shoulders and hips.

Jasmine is focused on assisting her patients to achieve long lasting changes in their personal health goals through a holistic approach to their care. Her personal philosophy is to find the right treatment for everyone.

In her spare time, Jasmine enjoys running, yoga, cooking and playing the piano.


Niki McGuinness

BScChiropractic, BClinChiro Murdoch University; BSc (HONS) Nursing University West England

Niki McGuinness graduated as a chiropractor in 2011 from Murdoch University, Perth, West Australia. She is a member of Chiropractic Australia (formerly known as COCA).

Niki practised as an associate in Perth and in 2015 opened her own clinic in Trigg, a suburb of Perth. When the opportunity arose, Niki sold the Trigg clinic to achieve a long term dream to move her family to Brisbane. In May 2018 she joined Cleveland Chiropractic. Prior to becoming a chiropractor, Niki qualified as a registered nurse at The University of West England, Bristol. She practised nursing in Bristol and later specialised in Intensive Care Nursing at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Perth.

Whilst working as a nurse in her early twenties, Niki sustained a workplace back injury and had to take six months leave from nursing practice. Tired of feeling she was not improving, she decided to seek the opinion of a chiropractor. This was a life changing decision as Niki felt relief because of the chiropractic treatment she received and then subsequently decided to study chiropractic to assist others.

Additional to a broad range of manual chiropractic techniques, Niki uses the low force technique of Activator Methods and is certified in Advanced Dry Needling.  Niki also has a range of non-manipulative approaches for those in the community where a manipulative approach may not be indicated.

Niki's primary goal is to assist patients to achieve their health goals, for the long term. Her interests also include the appropriate management of sporting injuries in all age groups with a view to preventing or minimising the long term effects of injury. Niki also has an interest in complex case management such as: fibromyalgia, headache syndromes, chronic pain syndromes. She believes the best results are often achieved through an integrative approach by a combination of practitioners all working together for the benefit of those with complex needs.


Massage Therapists — available at Victoria Point & Brisbane CBD

Cleveland Chiropractic and Brisbane CBD Chiropractic do not offer massage therapy but Victoria Point Chiropractic has very experienced massage therapists. In addition to holding diplomas in remedial massage, all massage therapists are members of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists (AAMT) or Australian Natural Therapies Association (ANTA). They all subscribe to continuing professional development.

Massage therapists collaborate with chiropractors at all of our practice locations: Brisbane CBD, Cleveland, Victoria Point and with other health professionals to ensure the best outcome for mutual clients.

They are qualified in the use of a variety of techniques, enabling them to treat a broad spectrum of society.

All clients who are members of private health funds and are eligible to claim remedial massage therapy benefits can do so through our HICAPS facility or the relevant fund.


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