Brisbane CBD Chiropractic joins South East Chiropractic

3rd July 2015

South East Chiropractic is a group that now consists of three practices, with the latest addition being Brisbane CBD Chiropractic. Many will know it by former name, Becker Chiropractic. John Worrall purchased Becker Chiropractic from Stefan Becker in June 2015.

Becker Chiropractic is located at Spring Hill in the CBD of Brisbane City. Under John’s ownership, the practice name will change to Brisbane CBD Chiropractic. Practice address, telephone and fax contact details will not change.

Stefan Becker will see patients at Spring Hill until moving to new challenges in the near future. John Worrall will work alongside Stefan to meet and become familiar with the individual needs of patients. John will continue to practice at Brisbane CBD. He will not be available for consultation at Cleveland or Victoria Point.

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